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I must say, you've provided some of the best customer service I've encountered of any online retailer... of any sorts. I really appreciate it!

-Michael Dickson, Cary NC


I just received my order (Dobruski and Bill's 6 pack). Although I was somewhat skeptical when you talked to me about the black zebra pattern I have to admit it looks pretty damn good and I wanted to thank you for this upgrade :).

The knife itself is a great piece and holding it fills me with happiness. And as long as I'm doing some praising, I would like to congratulate you for having a website that is a pleasure to browse, unlike most knife sellers who seem to hire angry teenagers for their web design.

Now, a little rant if I may. Please do something about your customer service. Right now it is so far beyond good that I sometimes want to buy a knife just to deal with you guys. This has to stop because my wallet is not going to tolerate much more of this nonsense. Thank you in advance, I know you are going to do the right thing.

- JLF, New York, NY


Re: Package arrived. Excellent service.

I want to publicly commend [EDC Knives.] Due to a mix up there was a problem shipping my order. These things happen. After a couple of days I sent an email to EDC expressing my concern. Within minutes of sending the email, Duane personally called my cell phone and left a message explaining the situation and expressing an obvious desire to make it right. I didn't get a chance to call back as I was at work, but was greatly mollified by his effort. When I got home I found several emails from Duane about the situation and what was being done to resolve it. He went well out of his way to fix the problem and to ensure that his customer, me, was very well taken care of. No excuses, no passing the buck, no BS, he acknowledged the problem, apologized for it, and fixed it.

Anyone can hang out a shingle or a webpage and sell things. This has resulted in a great fall off in the level of customer service we tend to receive, especially when it comes to esoteric items such as knives. I have rarely experienced customer service as good as this, and certainly never better. I plan to do more business with [EDC Knives] in the future and will recommend them to others.

- Adam Pickering, Memphis, TN


Many thanks for the super smooth deal-- it is so very nice to deal with a company, ordering some high $$ items, and to have all of the worry just completely removed. Quite refreshing in our current times!!

- Madison Caldwell, Concord, Virginia
AKA madhatta246


Dear Duane,

As I read through the testimonials of others, I felt I should sound off and also express thanks for your intense dedication to the satisfaction of each customer you've dealt with.

To you personally.., I can only offer my heartfelt thanks for consistency that is frankly beyond belief. As a long time customer of EDC Knives, my satisfaction with your services, professionalism, and friendship, has run the course of many well deserved recommendations, and to date, I have had nothing but thanks for aiming knife enthusiasts your way. I don't give personal endorsements easily as you know, but I did want to take the time to do this.., simply because you have never even asked!

Your relentless searching to match each customer's need is something I've rarely seen in over 37 years of collecting and using "Stuff that's Sharp", and I wanted to express my appreciation in a way that points those looking for a home base for future purchases to EDC Knives.

To your current and future customers, I can only say..., it doesn't get any better!! You have raised the bar considerably through striving for the total satisfaction of all those you deal with. Truly a rare occurrence for many of us.


Dr. Peter Johnston, Shadow Hills CA.



You are the best. Thanks for keeping me informed of all the new editions, and for working so hard to get me what I want, and get it to me so fast. It is a great asset to know a dealer who is so actively engaged in the knife scene. Doing business with you has been like going on an adventure with a good friend, from the very first transaction we made.

-Steve Harvey, Livermore CA.


Dear Duane,

Got back in the office yesterday and found a nice little surprise on my desk...Thanks for the quick shipping and good communications!

EDCKnives.com has proven to be good people doing good business. I look forward to doing business again in the near future.

Kind regards,

- Michael Scott, Sikeston, MO.


"Quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service are just a few reasons why I choose EDCknives.com as my primary source for the best in knives and accessories."

-Ryan Skaggs, Bartonville, IL.



I really appreciate all you have done and am more than pleased with your service. As we all know, the knife community is really small, and the Bali community is fractional of that, so when you can offer what you do and provide the service you have shown me today, you truly have a lasting customer.

Best wishes and thanks for everything. You are my #1 guy for knives from this day forward!

-Pete Mursak, Manlius, NY.


Dear Duane,

The Korth Model 1 arrived TODAY! The forumites all said that your response time was terrific but this is unbelievable.

This bali is fantastic. I got several of the balisongs from Benchmade back when they were Pacific Cutlery as well as one of their new ones, an MT Tachyon and one of the Roton Monarchs. The Korth surpasses all of them in every respect by a wide margin. It is incredibly smooth.

Count me as very pleased, both with the product and the service.

Best wishes for your continued success.

-Jerry Scohier, Dawsonville, GA.


Thanks Duane.

I anticipate doing alot of shopping at EDC in the future. In fact I will be checking with you before I make any serious bali purchases from now on. You and your site are truly one of a kind!


- Doug Braun, Bellevue, WA.
aka Braundc


I just want to say what a stand-up business you've got there.
Great service and just beautiful products you carry!

- Chris Candelas, Montebello, CA


Hi Duane,

Received the knife - talk about quick delivery!!! I checked the [shippers] web site just to see where it was between Calif. and Wis. To my surprise it was listed as delivered! I checked my front door and there it was!!!!!

You certainly have my vote for best knife site on the web. Your personal service, prices, and delivery are the best.

Thanks again,

- Tom Learn, Stoughton, WI.


Duane -

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your graciousness during our recent aborted Korth transaction. I must say, that your reaction to the situation was amazingly professional.

I'd like to wish you a happy holiday, and am looking forward to doing business with you in the very near future.

- Abbot Genser, NY, NY


Dear Folks,

You learn who your real friends are when the chips are down, and you learn who really believes in customer service when a customer problem needs to be settled.

I ordered a knife from EDCK, then returned it, and there was a hitch in returning it--the details don't matter much, let's just say some wires got crossed.

Here's the thing, though: when I brought the problem to Duane's attention, he responded immediately, and mailed off my refund straight away. Another dealer might have stalled, or not answered the email, or played "out of the office" games. But Duane just took care of the problem as soon as he learned about it, no hassle, and clearly wanted to go the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. He treated my return--and remember that, he wasn't making any money on this transaction--he treated my return as though it was an order for a million dollars.

Most dealers will give you good service when you're bringing them a tidy sum of money. But giving prompt, diligent service in straightening out a return that went wrong, and doing it when there's not a cent in it for you--that's the kind of behavior that really shows you're a dealer who can be trusted. I'd order from him again any time.

T.B., New Haven CT